What Are We Looking For?

Eligibility Criteria


The company is a for profit company. The company may partner with other organizations, including non-governmental and governmental organizations: however the lead applicant and implementer of the business concept must be a commercial company/business Associations and cooperatives are also eligible to apply if they are functioning as businesses.


The company is a legally registered entity in one of the following countries: Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Lao PDR, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Tanzania, Zambia, Mozambique, Kenya, Ethiopia, Madagascar, Burundi, Malawi, Niger, Cote d'Ivoire, DRC, Senegal and Malawi. The company must be able to submit proof of registration.


The company must have its main operations in the country it is legally registered in.


The company produces and/or distributes nutritious products and/or services for local markets and for human consumption as part of its main business model in the following food value chains: fruites, vegetables & pulses: quality proteins (eggs, diary, poultry, fish); alternative proteins (example insects); fortified staples and fortified blended foods; nuts and seeds; lean red meat; refined cereals and grains.

Please note that an application pitching a sole focus on the production and/or distribution of the following products will be disqualified:

- Beastmilk substitutes
- Processed meats (sausages, smoked meats, salted fish etc)
- Sugar sweetened & alcoholic beverages
- Hydrogenated oils
- Products high in salt, sugar and saturated fat (>30% daily recommended intake)

Focus on the following target populations are automatically excluded (1) products exclusively targeting high income populations and (2) export markets in developed countries


The company is a financially viable business(i.e the business model counts on sales revenues to cover all of the company's expenses).


The company is an SME in post-revenue stage that has generated revenues and/or turnover of less than USD 3 million.


The company is presenting an investment proposal that aims to develop or adopt technological solutions that address one of the competition challenges (see pages 5-8).


The company must adhere to the SUN Business Network Principles of Engagement.